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Hey! I made this site to help organise trade offers from friends and previously trusted sellers. If we have traded before but you've never used this yet, message me first to get started

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Please reach out to me directly if you've forgotten your login or haven't used this site before.
This can be done in a previous trade chat or via my contact page

How it works

On my end, I can set the maximum amount of coins I'm looking to buy as well as exchange rates I'd be willing to consider offers for. This means instead of having to message back and forth you can just check in here to see when I'm available.

You can then create and send a trade offer with your payment details (PayID, bank account, BPAY etc) which also sends me a notification that's much higher priority to regular Telegram/Signal messages, so I'll see it much faster too.

If you've got any questions about the site or an ongoing trade you can always message me directly as usual.