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Read my full statement on the LocalMonero shutdown here.

Email is slow, outdated, and insecure - you shouldn't be using it for any communications more important than receiving newsletters and marketing spam.

If you must, you can send me notifications via [email protected] but please include alternate contact details if you're expecting a prompt reply. Better yet, the quickest way to text me is through messaging apps like the ones listed below.


@hashpower or t.me/hashpower


@hashpower.01 or signal.me link



Telegram is preferred since it's cross-platform and reliably delivers notifications across devices, so I don't have to constantly check for new messages. Signal or Session are fine too but may just take a little longer for me to see and reply.

I also have been getting a lot of spam bots messaging me lately - if you send through a single message with just "hi" or "hello" and I haven't responded after a day or so it's likely that the message got buried with a bunch of other spam received on the same day, just send through another message with whatever you wanted to talk about and I'll get back to you asap.

The usernames/platforms listed here are the only ones I'm on. Any other username, or the same username but on an app not listed here, is not me.