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update may 15: AgoraDesk / LocalMonero no longer allows new trades to be opened, even between friends already marked as trusted.

I'm still comfortable buying or selling to people I already know (no unsolicted offers from new contacts, no exceptions, sorry. we need to have previously traded on LocalMonero or elsewhere) but unfortunately accepting offers manually via messaging apps is difficult since market prices change quickly, I've been getting a lot of spam messages, and I can't keep notifications on for social/messaging apps 24/7

For a while now I've only been trading with people I already trust and platforms like AgoraDesk / LocalMonero made it a lot easier to automatically manage trades, handle escrow and settlement, and make sure I'm trading with people I already know since I could see an easy list of trade history and mark all your profiles as trusted.

I've spent the last couple days working on a system to help format and sort trade offers. This isn't an exchange or replacement for LocalMonero unfortunately, all the actual wallet actions still have to be done separately. It's basically just a glorified message box with more reliable notifications. When someone I trust sends me a trade offer through the private form it sends alerts that repeat every few minutes until I acknowledge them, unlike Telegram/Signal notifications which are pretty much muted across the board because of the amount of spam I keep getting :')

Currently, you can send me offers to buy XMR from me as well as sell your XMR to me. As usual, I will only accept offers from those of you I already know and trust after confirming your previous LocalMonero username and name/bank details, which luckily can be done pretty much automatically now by using the trusted seller/buyer login instead of having to go back and forth on messaging apps.

The buyer and seller lists are separate, so if you're usually buying from me but want to sell some coins one time you'll just need to send me a message directly to add you to the other list, same goes for sellers who want to send a buy offer. I've added a few friends already via your (case-sensitive) LocalMonero/AgoraDesk usernames, so if we've traded in the past few days feel free to try that and see if it works. If not, reach out to me through any of the methods below and I can help set it up.


@hashpower or


@hashpower.01 or link



Also feel free to shoot me a message if you have any questions/feedback, need help with a trade offer, or just want to catch up. I've been really busy working on this stupid site update but I'll do my best to respond asap

Further reading: my original statement on the LocalMonero shutdown

More news/updates will be posted in