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Hey! I made this site to help organise trade offers from friends and previously trusted buyers. If we have traded before but you've never used this yet, message me first to get started

Start here ⤦

If you don't know/can't remember what to enter here (or haven't used this site before but we've previously traded elsewhere) just send me a text in a previous trade chat or on my contact page

As usual, I'm only willing to accept trade offers from people I already know and trust. You'll need to be paying from your own bank account, no third party payments.

How it works

On my end, I can set details such as the amount of my coins I'm willing to sell to trusted buyers as well as the approximate rates I'd be willing to accept offers for. This means instead of having to message back and forth you can just check in here to see when I'm available.

If I am accepting requests, you can also use this site to automatically create and send a trade offer which sends me a notification that's higher priority to normal Telegram/Signal messages so I'll see it much faster too.

All trades are still handled manually (this site doesn't host any actual crypto/exchange software, I don't trust myself to have wallet keys stored on a publicly accessible server lmao) but it should at least speed up the initial process for both of us.

tldr this basically just sends me a higher priority telegram message on your behalf, and provides easy payment instructions for accepted trades.