Privacy - why EU?

I've chosen to host this site (and any data submitted to it, which isn't much) on servers physically located within the European Union, rather than in Australia. This means the site may be a little slow to navigate on Australian networks (sorry), but it comes with legitimate benefits to privacy and security.

Australian companies, including web hosts, seem to have a lot of data breaches. Maybe it's because the network infrastructure in the country is lacking behind the rest of the world, maybe it's because there are just no consequences for large-scale data breaches (the Australian 'Privacy Act' is a joke), or maybe it's because law enforcement has extensive power to do basically whatever they want with 'warrants' that are trivial to get, and then they go on to store data they exfiltrate insecurely too.

It's probably some combination of all three. The point is, data stored within the European Union is proven to be much more secure both in terms of legal protections, tangible consequences for data leaks such as the GDPR (if Optus was European they'd be fined out of existence already) as well as physical and network security.

This site does not use cookies for tracking, analytics, accounts or otherwise. Cloudflare (a third-party CDN) may store temporary cookies strictly for security and ensuring consistent service availability. These cookies are completely automated and random, and have nothing to do with you as an individual.

No third-party ads/trackers have been installed, and all pages on the site are mostly static and should work entirely without javascript.

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